About us

 Contact information:

General inquiries: info@vintage-eyeshop.com

telephone: 0030- (210) 5021570

working hours: 9.00 am- 9.00 pm weekdays and Saturday


 Who we are:

Alexandros was born in Athens and has studied "International Relations and Organizations" at the Aegean University. In 2008 he obtained his Master's in Economics at the University of Piraeus (M.B.A-T.Q.M).

Yannis also born in Athens, studied Optometry/Ophthalmic Dispensing in England (Cambridge -Anglia Ruskin). In 2007 he obtained his Master’s in International Business from New York University in New York.

The two brothers established Vintage-Eyeshop in 2010 in Athens-Greece. The company caters the most exclusive eyewear ever made in the eyewear-manufacturing history. The sunglasses and frames collections date from 1950 until the early 1990 presenting and unraveling the distinctive Vintage style and the unmatched quality of the manufacturing in eyewear of that era. From Europe to Japan and all around the world, our company is dedicated to bring a unique experience in eyewear.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the coolest and rarest Vintage Sunglasses and frames ever made and give, our friends and the savvy customer, the edge to stand out from the crowd and feel special.
We are committed to provide the best possible quality in Vintage-eyewear at the best possible price worldwide.

Vintage-Eyeshop guarantees that all the products are 100% vintage, 100% original, and 100% unworn. 


About Vintage:

Let us define the term “Vintage.” 


The term refers to brand new or used original items that were made between 1920 and 1990. Anything that was made before 1920 is considered to be “antique”. “Retro” derives from the word retrospective and is an item which mimics in style and design an older era. 
Hence, original and unworn Vintage pieces are rare and are considered, by many, to be collector’s items.